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Here are some tracks from our two albums and the new "Taste our steel" Demo. These are only for streaming, not to download as the Songs are still available on the Albums


Below the Player you will find Downloads of songs that are sold out. Have fun with them and we hope you'll know them when we meet on our concerts.

CHIMAERA by panvogiatzis

Why? (Download)

1. Lightnings
2. Dark Future
3. Pascale

The right cover will follow.

Knights of the Dragon

1. Live by Battle
2. Darkwolf
3. Praise the Fallen
4. Knights of the Dragon

Tracks downloadable in "Blade Master"
Blade Master (2002) (Download)

1. Chase the Devil
2. Metalians
3. Kabulerasa
4. Battlemaster (live)
5. Crown Me (live)
6. Loneliness Of The King (live)
7. Kabulerasa (live)
8. Call to Arms
9. Live by Battle
10. Darkwolf
11. Praise the Fallen
12. Knights of the Dragon
Metalians (2004) (Download)

1. Gathering the Army (Intro)
2. Crusade the World
3. Crown Me
4. Metalians
5. The Loneliness of the King
6. Darkwolf
7. Lonely Run
8. Werwolf
9. Chase the Devil (live)
10. Metalians (live)
11. Crown Me (live)
Myths and Legends (2005) (Buy)

1. Gathering the Army (Intro)
2. Crusade the World
3. Metalians
4. Darkwolf
5. The Loneliness of the King
6. Fire the Cannons
7. Tears in the Night
8. Praise the Fallen
9. Battlemaster
10. Knights of the Dragon
11. Sonrise
Rebirth - Death won't stay us (2007) (Buy)

1. The Order fo the fallen Sun
2. Dragon's Witch
3. Chimaera's Rebirth
4. Rage on (my Heart)
5. Take their Land
6. Knights of the Storm
7. Ride fast
8. Wanderlust
9. Bearheart
10. The Funeral - When a King kneels down
11. Life after Death
Chimaera - Heavy Metal aussm Ruhrpott